Birth Space, Safe Place

Published by Findhorn Press, this book is written for expectant mothers and fathers in preparation for a positive birth experience, embracing a natural approach. The benefits of emotional support during labour and the postnatal period and many further resources are included. Also available for Kindle.

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A great gift for someone you know who is expecting a baby.


Angel’s Kiss:

Marina Colville, NaturalChildbirth:

Molly Remer, doula:

“This book is engaging, clear and emphasises again and again the emotional and potentially spiritual ways in which birth touches us all very deeply. It encourages women to think carefully about the people and the environment they need to feel safe and supported, to listen to themselves as well as those around them, to remain grounded in their own thoughtfully made decisions, and to trust that usually birth goes well.”
Nadine Edwards, Co Founder of the Birth Resource Centre in Edinburgh and author of Birthing Autonomy: Women’s experiences of planning home births’ 2005

“…a sensitive and supportive guide to the journey of pregnancy and birth. Adela’s gentle advice encourages women to tune into, and trust, the wisdom of their bodies, helping to transform birth from an experience of pain and suffering to one of the most powerful and fulfilling experiences of a woman’s life. Highly recommended.”
Dr Sarah J Buckley, author of ‘Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor’s Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices’ 2009

“This is a lovely book for any women wanting to explore the possibilities of a gentler way of giving birth in which she is in harmony with her body, and free from what is often conveyor belt management in a large institution.”
Sheila Kitzinger, author of ‘The New Pregnancy and Childbirth – Choices and Challenges’ 2008 and Birth Crisis’ 2006

“The idea that keeping birth normal is essential to the long-term health of humanity lies at the heart of this book… a small but perfectly formed companion to pregnancy and birth. Adela’s voice is one of gentle wisdom which recognises the many different emotions women may feel on their journey…”
Editor, Juno Magazine

“The title says a lot about the way the book encourages the reader to feel in control of their body and of the birth process. The book is filled with thought provoking artwork and inspirational quotes, with her concepts beautifully illustrated with stories from real women. I would recommend it as essential preparation for anyone thinking about holistic and natural birth.”
Vicki Williams, Editor, AIMS Journal

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