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Birth Mindfulness for Parents 1

Planning a natural birth?
Did you know that there are three key ways that you and your partner can prepare for the arrival of your baby, whether in hospital or at home, which may make a real difference to your chances of experiencing a gentle birth?
Place – feeling safe and unobserved in your birth environment, free to move around and take up any position you want, can help your mind and body to stay focused and keep those essential labour hormones flowing. Rearrange the furniture, hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door!
People – choosing attendants you trust to uphold your wishes for labour and birth is wise. Your supporters can protect your birth space by keeping questions and noise to a minimum, by banning strangers from the room. Enlist a doula (birth companion) as your advocate, she is there for your partner too!
Pain – establishing a unified attitude to the way you choose to work with your contractions, and making sure you have plenty of positive emotional support, can mean you are less likely to feel the need to request pain medication or an epidural. Write a clear birth plan, keep everyone informed!
An ‘undisturbed’ labour means you are more likely to enjoy a gentle birth. And a positive experience helps you, your baby and your family off to a good start.

Author of ‘Birth Space, Safe Place: emotional wellbeing through pregnancy and birth’ (Findhorn Press, 2009), former midwife Adela Stockton also provides doula courses (Mindful Doulas). For further information, see

2 thoughts on “Birth Mindfulness for Parents 1”

  1. Wonderful that you are blogging! It was only with my fourth baby (Hector, now 2) that I had the confidence to trust my own body and to expect a very long labour of around 36 hours. Every birth and every woman is different. I wish I had known with the first what I know now!


  2. Thanks Anne! Great to hear your story, you are so right, every mother and baby have their own version of ‘normal birth’, and its so brilliant that you found your confidence and trust in the way that was right for you.


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