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Birth Space, Safe Place: emotional wellbeing through pregnancy and birth

Written for mothers and fathers-to-be, my new book reflects ways of protecting gentle birth. It tells of the role of doula (childbirth companion) and the benefits of lay support. It supports you to discover your birth journey in the way that is right for you.
“Every decision to be made during your pregnancy is yours to make. You are always entitled to ask for and pursue the care that you feel is right for you. If at any point you do not have all the facts with which to make a fully informed choice, you can take more time to find out further information before making your final decision.”
“Essentially, your doula is someone you know and trust to uphold your philosophy of birth and parenting, to protect your memories of your birth experience and to assist you in your transition to parenthood in the way that is right for you and your partner. She may also help facilitate communications between you and other caregivers.”
Available from Findhorn Press or Amazon.

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